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[R] the #linux troll
Posted by Anonymous on Sat 16th Aug 2014 18:28
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  1. 20140816.01:50:08*       freeroute | how can I convert ISO to UDF image in Linux?
  3. 20140816.01:50:24*             [R] | freeroute: that makes absoulteyl no sense
  5. 20140816.01:50:49*       freeroute | [R]: I want to do the following operation but in Linux -
  7. 20140816.01:50:59*             [R] | freeroute: that sounds unfortunate
  9. 20140816.01:51:10*       freeroute | [R]: you mean this can't be done in Linux?
  11. 20140816.01:51:24*             [R] | freeroute: "convert iso to udf" makes no sense... so...
  13. 20140816.01:52:19*       freeroute | [R]: well I showed you an example, and it is possible there, so I don't know why it doesn't make sense to you but at least it's possible under Windows
  15. 20140816.01:52:46*             [R] | freeroute: you pasted some nosennse youtube like i have no intention of clicking
  17. 20140816.01:53:50*       freeroute | [R]: ah, you don't watch youtube videos? you should have said so then from the start. Here's a blogpost I found which somewhat explains what I'm trying to -
  19. 20140816.01:54:01*       freeroute | (unless of course you also don't read blog posts or whatever)
  21. 20140816.01:55:15*             [R] | freeroute: you could just explain what you want... sintead of "convert iso to udf" and stupdi blogs
  23. 20140816.02:00:15*       freeroute | [R]: I already tried doing that using that first link, but if you want to see me type it out here then here you go: I'm trying to install a win7 image from the USB to a netbook, but I first have to get it on to the USB. For this I have to open the downloaded ISO image and apparently set it to "UDF" (as you can see on the first guide). Then and only then can the Windows Image tool detect it and write it to USB  
  25. 20140816.02:00:15*       freeroute | to such capacity that one can boot from the ISO and install win7 in such a way. Now I was wondering if such an operation was possible under Linux because I don't want to download any windows burning software.
  27. 20140816.02:00:53              [R] | installing windwos isnt really the topic here
  29. 20140816.02:01:34*       freeroute | [R]: I know, hence I asked directly how to convert ISO to UDF, but you wanted me to state what I originally wanted to do. As such I did in my last reply.
  31. 20140816.02:01:51              [R] | but like i said
  33. 20140816.02:01:55              [R] | "convert iso to udf" makes no sense
  35. 20140816.02:02:42*       freeroute | [R]: well it might make no sense to you, but at least it's a possibility under windows which apparently is not possible under linux.
  37. 20140816.02:04:04*       freeroute | [R]: also, you could go into more detail what exactly doesn't make sense instead of being cryptic and obtuse
  39. 20140816.02:04:13*             [R] | freeroute: the whole thing
  41. 20140816.02:04:25*       freeroute | [R]: including computers?
  43. 20140816.02:04:35                * | [R] shakies his head and gives up on the offtopic person
  45. 20140816.02:06:30*               * | freeroute prides himself on how he can someone who can't explain something so observable

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